Presentation Formats

Both individual and group presentations are permitted with a maximum of three presenters allowed in each group. All submissions are peer reviewed by committees composed of professors and graduate students. Presentation formats include: 

Paper Presentation

Presenters prepare a paper and deliver it as a 15-minute presentation. A five-minute question period will follow each presentation. The presentations can take place in person or virtually, depending on your preference. 

Professional Development Session

Presenters design a 60-minute workshop or presentation aimed at a specific aspect of professional development in education or academia, e.g., APA, applying for scholarships, finding a job after graduating, using NVivo, publishing in academic journals, etc. A 15-minute period should be included in each session for discussion between participants and facilitators.

Ignite Session Presentation

Presenters prepare a summary of a paper or research project and deliver it as a 5-minute presentation, with a maximum of 20 slides that advance automatically (15 seconds per slide), as part of an ignite session. Sessions will be pre-recorded and presenters must be available during the allotted time to answer questions.


Presenters design a 60-minute workshop to showcase a technique or methodology in an engaging and interactive session. Workshops are meant to promote the development of new knowledge and skills through participation and doing in a collaborative setting. 

Twitter Poster Session

Presenters share their posters on Twitter using a specified hashtag (TBD closer to the conference). Posters should follow the criteria on our website in order to ensure accessibility and legibility. Presenters must tweet their posters by noon on the first day of the conference, using their personal Twitter account. As with a face-to-face poster session, presenters will have an opportunity to answer questions asked by conference attendees. This exchange will happen on the presenter’s Twitter page. Posters will also be shared on the JPDS website after the posters have been tweeted. 

In-person Poster Session

Posters are collectively displayed in a large room and presented individually by their creators to attendees who stop by and want to discuss the poster contents. Presenters must be present at the Research Fair on the second day of the conference to discuss their study with attendees. Presenters are responsible for printing their posters. Posters must not exceed 1.50m x 1.50m (WxH).