Ignite How-To

Just 5 minutes in length, Ignite sessions are very short and the pre-recorded presentation must follow a particular structure. Ignite presentations are grouped for the conference into sets on a common general theme, such as ‘health and human services’ or ‘exploring methodology.’ During an Ignite session, a moderator briefly introduces each pre-recorded presentation and the presentations are then shown in rapid succession, one following another. Presenters are expected to be available for Q&A once the presentations are complete.

Before the Conference

  1. Submit an abstract for peer review using the submission platform on our website

Preparing Your Presentation

  1. Once your submission has been accepted, you will receive an email with your reviewers’ comments. Make sure to address any pressing comments in your presentation.
  2. You can make an mp4 file or use PowerPoint or a similar program to create your presentation using the following specifications:
    1. You must prepare a 20-slide presentation.
    2. Your slides should advance automatically every 15 seconds for a total time of 5 minutes.
    3. We recommend you practice a few times before recording to ensure smooth transitions between your ideas.
  3. Record your presentation:
    1. Maximum 5 minutes. Presentations will be stopped at the 5-minute mark, so please be mindful of this time limit and of the format.

If you would like some advice on how to best prepare your pre-recorded presentation, please find some helpful resources here for you:

  1. Prepare the script for the Ignite video. This will be used to provide closed-captioning to attendees.
  2. Send your pre-recorded presentation and the script by the Monday before the conference at sjpd-jpds@uottawa.ca

During the Conference

7. Attend the Ignite Session; we will play all pre-recorded videos in succession.

8. You will have an opportunity to answer questions in the second half of the session.