Give me 5 Presentations: How To

Just 5 minutes in length, Give me Five presentations provide students with valuable experience summarizing and sharing their research!

Presenters will prepare a summary of a paper or research project and deliver it as a 5-minute powerpoint presentation. Presentations will occur one after another through Zoom on March 7th. This is a fantastic opportunity for students to gain experience providing a snapshot of their research to others in a non-threatening and academic environment. Time will be kept by the session moderators (5 min max per presentation). Presenters are expected to stay for the question period that will take place after the presentations in their section have ended. Participating in this presentation will provide you with a peer-reviewed publication for your CV. If you are interested in participating, please submit an abstract. Presenters are expected to be available for Q&A once the presentations are complete.

Preparing your presentation

  1. Submit an abstract (i.e. proposal) for peer review using the submission platform on our website
  2. Create a PowerPoint or a similar program to create your presentation
  3. Keep in mind the time limit: maximum 5 minutes. Presentations will be stopped at the 5-minute mark, so please be mindful of this time limit and of the format.
  4. Stick to the most important details – think about what you might say in an elevator pitch
  5. Cover most (if not all) submission requirements in your presentation: Objectives and/or research questions, conceptual/theoretical framework or model, methodology/procedure, and findings or conclusions.
  6. We recommend you practice a few times before your presentation to get comfortable!
  7. Send your prepared slide deck to by the Monday before the conference.
  8. Lastly, remember that you got this and know your stuff! We can’t wait to hear what you have to share.

Stay tuned for details regarding presentation time slots and question period details!