The call for proposals is now live!

The theme of this year’s Symposium, Passport of knowledge: Crossing borders through scholarship, considers the fact that we have faced much solitude this year, but have also been able to connect in an effort to stay healthy and well. This year’s theme is all about being united in education as it is important to gain new insights, share new knowledge and experiences, and move forward as educators. Through various forms of communication, we can all come together to learn from each other and to develop and grow as academics.

The theme is also a subtle nod to the politics and controversy surrounding the topic of passports. Education is inherently political and we as scholars must recognize the social consequences of our work. 

Deadline for abstract submission: Wednesday, December 8, 2021

“Borders are about limits we impose on our thinking, such as habitual thought patterns. Borders also define the limitations inherent in professional practice, assumptions, and traditions. Borders are the boundaries of fear and inertia that prevent change; yet they also define the frontier of reflection and innovation – ripe for experimentation. Borders can restrict; borders can liberate.”

Janes, 2015, p. 4

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Reference: Janes. R. R. (2015). Museums without borders. Selected writings of Robert R. Janes. Routledge.