Twitter Poster Session

During a “traditional” conference session, presenters stand next to their poster while conference attendees walk around and ask questions. This is the same – except online. Presenters share their posters on Twitter and conference attendees will ask questions using their Twitter accounts.

Before the Conference

  1. Submit an abstract for peer review using the submission platform on our website
  2. Create a Twitter account if you do not already have one and follow @SJPD_JPDS

If you have any questions about Twitter, send us an email at  

Preparing Your Poster

  1. Once your submission has been accepted, you will receive an email with your reviewers’ comments. Make sure to address any pressing comments in your poster.
  2. You can use PowerPoint or a similar program to create your poster using the following specifications:
    1. Your poster must be twice as wide as it is tall in landscape. We recommend using 10 inches (25.4 cm) wide x 5 inches (12.7 cm) tall. (Under design, on the far right side, click slide size and set a custom size). 
    2. Use only sans-serif fonts such as Arial. Do not use a font that is smaller than 10pt. Examples of how your font may look on a 10 x 5 inch poster are seen here.
    3. Your poster should be as accessible as possible. Less is more. See more on accessibility here
    4. Save your poster as a PNG file. The maximum size for Twitter is 5 MB. 
  3. Prepare up to 10 tweets to accompany your poster. These tweets will serve as your presentation. Tweets have a 280-character limit; this includes spaces.

You can send us an email if you have any questions. 

During the Conference

  1. Share your poster using your personal Twitter account during the allocated Twitter poster session times. 
    1. In the same tweet as your poster, tag @SJPD_JPDS and use the hashtag #JPDSposter and/or #afficheSJPD
    2. Your poster will be retweeted by a member of the JPDS committee.
    3. Replying to your original tweet, share any accompanying text you have prepared.
  2. Ensure you are checking your Twitter account during both days of the conference. If possible, you should be online during the Twitter poster session.
    1. Conference attendees will ‘circulate’ the posters throughout the conference, and tweet replies to the presenters, ideally in the form of questions to generate discussion.