The FINAL program is ready!

UPDATE: The Final Program has been released and the web program has been updated. Please check out our Schedule page for more information or see the embedded version below the fold…

The content proof for the Program Booklet is done being laid out. While there may still be a few changes to some of the presentations, the vast majority of the schedule has been finalized. You can download it here [PDF, 3 MB] or check it out below the fold…

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General registration is now open!

Jean-Paul Dionne Symposium 2017: Register now!

The Jean-Paul Dionne Symposium Organizing Committee is delighted to extend an invitation to all students, professors, staff, and alumni to attend this year’s Jean-Paul Dionne Symposium and Research Fair, presented on Thursday, March 2, 2017 in Lamoureux Hall.

Join us for a day of oral presentations, workshops, roundtables, and posters, presented by graduate students, which showcase current research in the field of education.The Symposium will be capped by the Faculty of Education’s Excellence in Education lecture.

The Excellence in Education lecture will feature a bilingual panel that will engage the public in a dialogue connecting how we learn and think about the history of education to our everyday lives as Canadian citizens. In particular, the panel will address this question in terms of

  • Racism and anti-racism (Tim Stanley)
  • French-English relations (Stéphane Lévesque)
  • Citizenship education (Lorna McLean)
  • Northern and Indigenous perspectives (Heather McGregor)

Register now! 

If you’re interested in helping out during the event or being a discussant, please see this page for details: